In Conversation: Frank Pashley 1970’s

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Interviewee: Frank Pashley
Interviewer: Christina Reading
Date of Interview 22 March 2010-03-22

Frank Pashley is 97 years old and lives in a residential care home in Hove.
Frank remembers working at the Duke of York’s cinema as a projectionist during the 1970’s,. He recalls how after being made redundant from a job as a projectionist at a cinema in Oxford, he went to London to find work but, instead eventually found a job as third projectionist at the Duke of York in Brighton.

His memory of the Duke of York’s s  in the 1970’s ,was of a dirty and scruffy place, where the floor of the projection room was usually carpeted with cigarette butts. Films were often so old that they sometimes had to be spliced together before they could be shown. Films were sometimes shown in the wrong order because the labelling on the boxes was so corroded, but  “nobody noticed at least nobody complained”. His work at the Duke of York’s came to an end in the late 1970, just before a new projectionists Frank and his assistant Jimmy took over.

Frank has led a colourful life .He started his working life as a rewind boy aged 17 at a cinema in Leeds and then moved to London and working in various cinemas until be was eventually promoted to projectionist. But he regards the highlight of his career as the time he spent was showing films on the train – the so called moving cinema. It was during this time that was invited, together with five other colleagues to show film to King and Queen, at Bar moral Castle. Apparently, the King like yachting and requested Frank and he colleagues to put together a film show of the old news clips relating to stories of the Kings yachting adventures. Frank recalls showing this footage to an audience of about 200 employees as well as the King and Queen. The job at the palace however, was not paid because it was considered an honour to show for the King and Queen and no payment was expected.

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