In Conversation: Edwin Eckford 2010

In conversation series:
Interviewee- Edwin Eckford
Interviewer- Lucy Westcott
Interview date : 2 June 2010


As Edwin- or Ed for short- attends my university and studies film, I thought he would be the ideal candidate for an interview.  He goes to the cinema regularly, studies the art of film- his life is film! Unfortunately, he has not attended any late-night screenings or special events like the other people I interviewed, but he did provide an interesting account of someone who is new to Brighton and discovered a kindred spirit within the cinema itself.

Ed is a 20-year-old film student at the University of Sussex.  He arrived in Brighton from Dorset in September 2008.  He is a regular cinema goer and attends the Duke of York’s at least monthly.

On films he has seen recently at the Duke’s

“The last film I was there was ‘Four Lions’, which was really good.  I also saw ‘Hunger’, which I wouldn’t have been able to see anywhere else.  I would always rather watch a film at the cinema than on DVD. “

On his previous experience of an independent cinema

“I go to the cinema back in Dorset, where I’m from.  It’s called the Poole Lighthouse.  The only arts funding that they received in the whole of Dorset went towards this arts centre and they have a little cinema there.  When I got to Brighton and found the Duke of York’s was thought ‘There’s more people that like these films!’  In Dorset it would be a friend and me in an empty cinema and an old man sat at the back. “

On why he prefers the Duke of York’s to other cinemas

“Mainly because the collection of films that they show and because it’s less commercialised than other Brighton cinemas.  Events such as the Lord of the Rings all-night marathon are great; I sort of wanted to go to that but didn’t know if I could stay through the whole thing.  When you go to see a film at the Duke of York’s you know you’re with other film fans.  I feel that it’s one of the only cinemas that I can go to on my own and it won’t be socially awkward.  I have my own place where I sit in the Duke’s, which is in the middle about three rows from the back.   I only ever sit in the back three rows. “

On the future of the Duke of York’s

“As a film student, I suppose I have my own outlook on films. I wouldn’t like the Duke of York’s to show more mainstream cinema because it would dissolve its status as a place to see cult cinema.  I never want the Duke of York’s to show ‘Avatar’!  They have their own niche in the market.  I would be a good thing if the Duke of York’s expanded because it will never be a multiplex like the Odeon.  It doesn’t matter if they have more screens as long as they keep showing good films. “

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