The Bill Hicks Story 2010

‘The Bill Hicks Story’ (2009) directed by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas

Whenever the Duke’s shows a documentary on the life of a deceased, counterculture icon, who smoked and drank heavily, and took more drugs than is humanly possible, people will go to watch it.  They will also shout out in love and approval.  This happened at the 2008 screening of ‘Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’ and it happened at ‘The Bill Hicks Story’.  A very interesting and personal documentary, Bill Hicks’ messages of world peace and acceptance amongst his comedy prompted cries of ‘YES!’ from the audience.  And what he says is not at all unreasonable.  With interviews from Hicks’ life-long friends, fellow partners in stand-up comedy and family, ‘The Bill Hicks Story’ is an intense look at the man behind the cigarettes.  Lucy Westcott

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